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"It was a pleasure to work with McDonagh and Sons Plumbing and Sewers. They are a good company that stands by their word regarding who they are and what they do.  Patrick, the owner came to my home to assess a major drain issue.  He and his brother John worked on the issue from 5 PM to 9:30 PM without taking a break.  This is after starting work at 5:30 AM.  The problem couldn't be resolved but Patrick quoted me a good price to have a "clean-out" installed in front of my property to take care of the issue.  John and another family member arrived and worked at my home the next day until the job was completed.  This took 8 hours without a break.  Their work is impeccable but more importantly, the owners, Tarah and Patrick care about the issue and want to do anything they can to have the problem resolved for you.  Finding a quality contractor that is responsive and goes beyond performing the work is hard to find.  I would recommend this company to friends and family not only because of their work and responsiveness but because they are a quality, family run business."
-Ted Mescall--Chicago

From Our Angie's List Customers
"Have done work before. Excellent job with on time work."
Nancy OMalley-Chicago-2/1/11

"I made an appointment with McDonagh to install a faucet, as I had a new sink installed with new counter tops. Another company installed the sink and counter tops but could not reconnect the faucet, and they told me that's all that needed to be done. When McDonagh got here they realized that this was not a simple faucet reconnection, but I needed new pipes, a reconnection of the disposal, and I had some parts missing from the previous installation, etc. Instead of a quick half hour job they were looking at 3 hours of work. They had another important job to get to, but since it was Friday they didn't want to leave me without water in the kitchen for the entire weekend till they could come back. They completed my job while constantly fielding calls to keep the other job going and on time, trying to keep two customers happy. I very much appreciated the effort as they could easily, and accurately, have told me that they were not given enough information to schedule the time needed to complete my job. I would have been without water in the kitchen for 3 days if they hadn't made the extra effort."
Eva-Maria Wohn-Chicago-3/18/11

"Patrick and Tara (the owners) were great. They came over immediately, and got to work straight away. Everything went according to plan. The price paid seems very reasonable for the amount of time that it took them to clean out my very full catch basin. A previous plumber who had jetted the lines wouldn't clean out the catch basin but Patrick and Tara would. I was so impressed, I am thinking about having them back for some more work. I am very happy with the work performed."
Peter Sabine-Chicago-3/21/11

"It went great!  McDonagh & Sons is the plumber that my contractor uses, but I am reviewing them individually because I feel they went above and beyond on our job.  They did the general plumbing very well and quickly then came back in their free time to install my washer and dryer - this is not a part of their job, they were just very willing to help me out.  I really appreciate it and will use this company again for any plumbing needs I may have."
Amanda Schwoerer-Chicago-4/20/11

"Mr. Patrick McDonagh and his crew just finished instralling an overhead sewer system for us a few days ago and since it's raining now (Sunday) he just called to make sure we have no problems with the system.  He also installed our prep work & plumbling for a new bathroom in the basement for a few dollars more.  
I can't begin to tell you all of the EXTRAS (like repositioning the appliances down there and so on) they performed with a smile and the comfort of us knowing what exactly was going on at every stage of the job 
Their service, care to details, attitude, professional approach and overall patience, is remarkable!  
Thanks Tara and Patrick for a job WELL DONE!

William and Ginger Von Dinkel  
Member Comments: We have a 60+ year old house with a plumbling system from H*#L and when we got hit with the last flood from the Chicago City sewer system, we decided to have the overhead sewer system installed.  Patrick came in and gave us an estimate of the work to be done.  We called him back after having a number of other estimates, signed the contract with him and they went to work almost immediately.
I found a lot of plumbing services that were not licensed and bonded, but seeing that McDonagh and Sons ARE we felt comfortable choosing them.
They showed up on time and ready to WORK!  
Patrick is so particular he took the material with seals he didn't care for and scraped away the bonding/glue (?) so he could use better quality material.  He told me his name means everything to him and he showed this was true in everything they did!
They finished in three days.  Usually it would be two, but we kept adding more work to the load and my senior citizen husband kept trying to be the big boss. LOL  I am telling you, these guys are like saints to put up with my hubby!
No, I am not a family member of theirs, but by the time they're done you end up feeling like you are! bg"
Ginger Von Dinkel-Chicago-8/2/11

"I am not the type of person that normally writes a review but I was so impressed with this company.  I had previously hired a contractor to fix an issue with a toilet that  flooded  my interior walls and basically ruined my basement Bathroom.  I spent a lot of money fixing the plumbing problem that caused all of this damage.  The Contractor just finished all of this work in June.  So I was very surprised when my tenants called and said they were having problems with the toilet and the leaking faucet in the Tub.  I called  Pat McDonagh  and he called me back within an hour and was at  my house within an hour of our phone call to give me an estimate.  I felt he was so honest and on top of it that I hired him on the spot to do the work.   A couple hours later he had fixed the problem that the other contractor created.   He was very straight forward and the price he quoted me was the price I paid.  I will definitely use him in the future."Kristin Hill-Chicago-9/30/11